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Despite being online, the opportunity to network, make sales, and get traction shouldn't disappear.

Any short text about your venture, e.g. motto, key message, or mission statement.
A more detailed explanation of your venture to make the booth more descriptive for the event attendees.
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This will be used for the background of your booth. We suggest this be an image of your product(s), or a promotional graphic.

When you're not at your booth, you'll want to have either a video or pitch deck playing for anyone visiting your booth. Submit a link to your fallback Youtube video, Vimeo video, or Google Slides deck below, or by Monday, April 26th.

Using YouTube or Vimeo
Please provide the URL for the video.

Using Google Slides
Go to 'File' > 'Publish To Web' > 'Link' then copy and paste the url below

Enter your URL below.

Expo Booth Registration

Expo Booth Registration

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