Fellows Application

We like to think this goes without saying, but please read all of the information on this page. We provide it to help you submit the best application.
  • You must not have applied to Startup Shell through the Founders application
    If you apply to both, only your venture will be considered.
  • All skills are welcome for fellows.
    Let us know what you are passionate about!
  • You must be a student at the University of Maryland
    At the time of your application, all undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply regardless of major or college.
  • Come to Events
    Shell Talks or Grind Nights are great ways to get to know current members and the values of Startup Shell. The more the better. Check out our event page, or just come work in our space! Our open house is a great opportunity to get to know us
  • Engage
    Ask questions, share ideas, or introduce yourself in our community platform.
Membership grants you 24/7 swipe access to our co-working space and access to our resources. Swipe remains active for one semester after leaving the university. Should you not be accepted for membership, we still invite you to join us at our public events and reapply in the future.

Shell Fellows are required to write one blog post/tutorial describing a skill you have that would be beneficial for others to know. In addition, mandatory one-hour/week office hours will be enforced so Shell companies can learn from you! We expect Shell Fellows to be active members of the community by attending shell talks, going on retreats, and coming to other events
Our resources help fellows grow their skillset. This list is constantly growing and we'd love to hear what we can add to help you further.
  • Community of Entrepreneurs
  • 24/7 swipe access to co-working space
  • Access to the Prototyping Lab
  • Invites to member events
  • Free legal advising
  • Assistance with incorporation and patents
  • Personal storage in co-working space
  • Subscriptions to various web products
  • Partnerships and resources with companies like DigitalOcean and AWS
  • Meeting space in conference room
Some details about you

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Your skillset, passions, and experience.
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Just a few more about you
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