Build Something Great.


In the Spring of 2012 a few students were given a space in the Technology Advancement Building that was currently being used a storage closet. After weeks of hard work, long nights, and plenty of coffee, they converted the closet to a makeshift co-working space using scavenged old furniture. This space became the Startup Shell, or The Shell. From the start The Shell had a strong group of students working on their own companies with skills ranging from technology to art.

Quickly the population grew from 10 students to over 80 in just one year, bolstering the entrepreneurial atmosphere on campus. In the summer of 2014, The Shell inherited the room next door, doubling its space. In addition, also during that summer a new prototyping lab opened next to the newly renovated space with over $1 million worth of equipment, free to use for Shell members. Today, The Shell has over 100 members who are working diligently on their own ventures.

These people are building something great.


As a member of the Shell, you have access to all of these resources, and more.

  • A community of motivated entrepreneurs seeking to collaborate and help each other grow.
  • 24/7 swipe access to a sweet coworking space.
  • Full access to Prototyping Lab with over $1 million worth of equipment.
  • Invites to exclusive member events, such as retreats and bi-weekly forums.
  • Free legal consultations.
  • Discounts on all legal services including incorporations, patents, and trademarks.
  • Personal storage in coworking space.
  • Subscriptions to various web products (Treehouse, JIRA, etc.).
  • Access to our resources with Namecheap, DigitalOcean, and AWS.
  • Free storage space with Dropbox.
  • Funding opportunities.
  • Meeting space in conference room.

Applications are reviewed at the beginning of each semester. As much as we would like to accept everyone, our space and resources are limited. Last semester, we received over 100 applications of which we were able to accept about 25 new members.